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Ch-ch-changes: The world that is weird of fetishe. While researching various other articles on my we we we blog – most particularly those from the furries

(sexual satisfaction from putting on a costume as an animal and achieving intercourse with others decked out as an animal), technofetishism (sexual satisfaction and arousal arising from humanoid or non-humanoid robots), macrophilia (for example., sexual arousal from a fascination with leaders and/or a sexual fantasy involving leaders), and agalmatophilia (intimate arousal from an attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins and/or other comparable human body shaped things) – we constantly discovered different sources to ‘transformation fetish’ (TF). Fundamentally, a change fetish is a kind of intimate fetishism by which a derives that are individual arousal from explanations about (and depictions of) transformations (usually of men and women being transformed into other beings or things). Continue reading ..